Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hindsight is always 20/20

As we were sorting through some older home movies of Josiah the other day, we came across one that set me back a bit. When he was about a year and a half old, we used to play this spinning game with him, where I would sing about spinning and he would "spin" around. I say "spin" because he would only turn about 1/2 turn, then pause (off balance a bit) and try to turn in the other direction, only to repeat the process several times. Once in a while he'd make a complete turn.

He was always smiling and enjoying himself during this game, and at the time we thought it was so cute and quirky. Okay, it's still cute and quirky, but watching that video the other day, instead of just seeing my cute quirky toddler, I saw a kid with obvious SPD trouble in his vestibular system. As he'd stop spinning, his posture and eyes told the story -- his brain thought he was still spinning and balancing was far more difficult than we ever imagined.

Grandpa Z got him a sit-and-spin for his birthday, and while he loves to make it play music and light up, and even use it as a step-stool, he isn't so keen on actually spinning on it. He'll do a turn or two at my insistence, or as part of his indoor obstacle course, but always reluctantly and only with the promise of something else he likes when he's finished :)

He's doing GREAT on the Razor Jr. skooter we got him, though. He mostly rides it indoors (we have wood laminate floor everywhere except the bedrooms) and is doing pretty well, pushing with one foot and actually picking up that foot while it glides a foot or two down the hall.

A few more sensory-themed toys are in the works for Christmas -- stay tuned for updates on how those go over :)


Carla said...

Caleb got a Razor and Micah got a Spiderman scooter... Maybe we can have a scooter date when the weather is better!

JoNo and family said...

This would be lots of fun! There are more sidewalks here than at your house so you'll have to bring them and their scooters on up sometime :)